Meet Trista Harrison, Women's mind & body transformation coach


Hey girl, I want you to know that you are not alone.


I want you to know that you are not alone. Those pictures aren't real, that girl on insta extreme dieted and purged for her summer lake trip, your friend runs 5 miles a morning and eats one salad a day, the models on that magazine are photoshopped and probably have no life and are just as insecure or more than you are. 

Do you think most people are happy with where they are in their fitness journey? Do you think once you hit that magical goal your work is done and you can kick back and never worry about dieting again? 

Your health and fitness journey is yours and yours alone. How you go about it belongs to you, so own it and take responsibility. No! There are no easy quick fixes, there is no magical food that will make you lose 20lbs. There are no short cuts to life, and there are no short cuts to your health. 


you are worth it, you are strong, you are exactly who the world needs.

What I can tell you is that there are very simple and easy rules to follow and you will be happy becoming the boss queen you always dreamt of. It starts with YOU and having the will to succeed. Its not rocket science but I will teach you how to be consistent, channel that inner bad ass, and learn how to change your mindset. Diet is a bad 4 letter word. Diets are temporary and fail. They work for a short time and you gain it all back. Let’s build the fundamentals of a sustainable lifestyle. 

Do you enjoy pizza, doughnuts, ice cream, alcohol? Most people do and if you cut them out forever all you do is fantasize about how it used to be and how your life sucks because you cut those foods out. Let’s talk how to focus on positives and healthy foods, but also know that when you want those comfort foods, you can have them. 

You are worth it, you are strong, you are exactly who the world needs. Don't shortchange yourself, wish you were someone else, wish you had a better body. Guess what, everyone wishes they had a better body. Own who you are, know you have so much to offer. Your struggles have made you invaluable. Without darkness you can't appreciate the light. Be that light. Know you are worth everything you desire. Let’s reach those goals and break past them. Let’s make a life you are proud of, excited about, a lifestyle you know others will emulate and reflect upon. No one is better than you and its time you realize that. I believe in you, its time to believe in yourself. 

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