How are you going to make the change for YOU?

You hate walking by a mirror and seeing yourself⁣

You don’t want your husband to see you naked.⁣

You avoid social events or date nights because you are afraid you’ll cheat on “your diet.”⁣

You are in the endless cycle of binging on “bad” foods because your cravings and temptations are just too strong.⁣

You don’t have the energy to play with your kids.⁣

You have to make separate dinners for the family because your diet doesn’t allow xyz.⁣

Ladies this is not normal.⁣

It’s absolutely draining. You should not have to feel this way and you definitely do not deserve to.⁣

Why are these things normal? Is it because you’ve felt that way your whole life? Because you don’t know anything else? All the women around you feel the same way too? You don’t think you can ever get away from that?⁣

That pain that you are feeling wont go away unless you do something to change it.⁣

That pain wont slowly fade away no matter how deep you try to push it. Those feelings cant be covered up in hope that you never have to deal with them again. They will resurface. You have to mentally and physically work through these things and figure out a plan of action.⁣

“No plan and no action will lead to no results. ”⁣
― Germany Kent⁣

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