Do you instantly freak out when you see the number on the scale go up?

Do you instantly freak out when you see the number on the scale go up?⁣

Guess what…the scale can fluctuate daily ⁣

This can be anywhere from 1-5lbs – sometimes even more. ⁣

Many of us focus too much on the scale weight when working towards our fitness goals, especially when trying to lose body fat. ⁣

Start using the scale as data rather than something that controls your life and determines how you feel about yourself.⁣

What causes this fluctuation to happen?⁣

-Poor Sleep⁣
-Digestion issues⁣
-Not drinking enough water⁣
-You ate your last meal later than normal⁣
-You’re constipated⁣
-You are traveling⁣
-You consumed alcohol⁣
-You had an intense workout or cardio session⁣
-You had a meal higher in sodium⁣
-Weighted yourself at a different time⁣
-Hormonal fluctuations⁣
-And so much more!!!⁣

These fluctuations are completely NORMAL⁣

I used to wake up every morning, go to the bathroom, strip off my clothes and weigh myself. I relied on that number and it ruled whether I would have a good or bad day. ⁣

I gave the scale way too much power! ⁣

Take a minute to absorb that last sentence. Sit there a minute and before you become frustrated with the progress based on the number you see each day on the scale, consider these factors:⁣

*How are you ACTUALLY feeling?⁣
*How are your clothes fitting?⁣
*Are you cheating less and enjoying REAL food more?⁣
*Are you getting stronger?⁣
*Do you feel more confidence?⁣
*Are you waking up easier? Have more energy throughout the day?⁣

These are some great examples of NON-SCALE VICTORIES that are far more important and much more indicative of long-term success. ⁣

Now I use the scale as a tool and use non-scale victories to determine how successful my program is. ⁣

These wins all add up over time and translate to a huge lifestyle transformation!⁣

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