Are you worrying about the wrong things?

I wasted so much time in the beginning worrying about the wrong things…⁣

If I had to start my fitness journey over from scratch I would fix these 4 things ⤵️⁣

✔️Stop doing so much cardio.⁣

I was a runner in high school and that kept me skinny. So I thought the more cardio I did the skinnier I would be. I would spend 1-2 hours on cardio everyday. Then because I did so much cardio I thought I could eat whatever I wanted to.⁣

✔️Ditch the quick fixes, fad diets, cleanses, and 1200 calorie diet.⁣

I wanted results now. I thought if I cut corners doing all of the hottest diets out there I would get the results right away. What I found out, those quick fixes were just that. I would lose weight and gain it right back. Once I started creating sustainable healthy habits that fit my lifestyle I no longer felt restricted and everything came together.⁣

✔️Invest in a Coach sooner.⁣

It’s so much easier to learn from someone you trust, who has the knowledge and can hold you accountable to reach your goals. ⁣

✔️Lift heavier.⁣

I remember thinking that I would look manly if I lifted heavy weights. That is far from the truth. Lifting heavy is one of the best things you can do if you want to change your physique. Lifting weights will give you that lean muscular look that every women I talk to is looking for. ⁣

I hope you all can learn from my personal mistakes and save yourself some time in your own fitness journey. ⁣

Coach Trista 💜⁣

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