If you haven’t lost weight from a diet in the past, should you buy a new diet?

If you haven’t lost weight from your past diets, it’s probably a sign you shouldn’t buy another one. ⤵️⁣

The following diets have a few things in common:⁣

✔️Weight Watchers⁣

They only focus on results WHILE you are taking the product. They don’t give you any direction on what to do once the diet is over. (which is what leads to your weight gain every time)⁣

These diets are extreme and there is no room for LIFE. How are you to enjoy date night? Going on vacation? Or the holidays? When you are restricted to a list of 30 foods you are pretty darn miserable. I know you’re not going to do this and you shouldn’t have to.⁣

These diets keep taking your money and your time… Until you realize its not about the diet. Its about YOU!⁣

It’s about actually eating foods you enjoy, and how you can create balance with them in your life without a binging episode.⁣

It’s about how many days you can actually workout each week, and not feel overwhelmed when things come up and you have to adjust your schedule.⁣

But that’s not all, we go even deeper.⁣

For weight loss that lasts, it’s about changing your focus from DIET to LIFESTYLE.⁣

This switch will take you from “failing every diet program” to “losing weight and keeping it off, increasing your confident in who you are, and taking back control of your day to day happiness.”⁣

Which cycle would you rather have on repeat?⁣

A multiple time investment in failed diet after diet, leaving you in a negative mind space.⁣


A one time investment in YOURSELF and your LIFESTYLE that you can carry with you forever and continue to build on for even more results?⁣

The choice is yours girl, and I’m ready when you are 🥂⁣

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